03 ARROYO DE LA MIEL – SPAIN (November 2017)

03 ARROYO DE LA MIEL – SPAIN (November 2017)

During our days in the Arroyo de la Miel (Benalmádena), our students from Germany, Poland, France, Spain and Italy were joined, living familing experiences in their familily hosts, taking part in the programmed activities and becaomeing aware of inmmigration problem not only in Spain but in the whole Europe . Inmmigration was the main tip, but during their days in Spain culture, gastronomy, Spanish and English words, habits, how a Spanish schools works, and lots of experiences has been living in their lifes and I guess they will never be forgotten.

These days have been full of activities, like these ones:

* 13th November 2017

Castillo de Bil-Bil reception with Benalmadena’s Mayor, Víctor Navas. The students and teachers have been welcome in a special place, Bil-Bil Casttle, close to the beach. The Benalmádena’s Mayor said some words about the pleasure it is to have us there and about immigration. There were a press team taking pictures from all of us and they created the news in a newspaper. This is the link:



After the reception in BIl-BIl Casttle, we went to visit the old Benalmádena village, who is like a typical Andalusian village and the City Hall allowed us to take the touristic bus.

After that the students went to family host houses and our headmaster cooked a paela for the teachers:

In the evening we went to a NGO called ASIS, which a Arroyo de la Miel NGO who helps immigrants to create a curriculum, to start speaking spanish, to look for a job, and lots of activities in orther to help them

14th November 2017

During this day we went to visit Málaga, the students from other courses explained some things about Cathedral, Park, History, Museums and Roman or Arabian monuments


15th November 2017

During this day the students and teachers had been visited by Red Cross Málaga. They told us how they work, what kind of intallations they have to help immigrants, what do they do when a dinghy arrives to the coast and the difficulties they have to cross the sea, to pay for «a seat» in a boat and how many of them die crossing.

16th November 2017

This is the Theatre day. During the evening, the students went to a local theatre in the village. The have been training and working hard to act in a performance which talks about immigration. It was really beautiful and lovely. Some of the students and teachers finished crying during the performance, thay enjoyed a lot and understood a little some more things aboot what happens in a boat crossing the sea, before, during and after this dangerous trip.

17th November 2017

During this day were three activities, the first one was in the HIgh School, were thay all played different old and traditional games

The second one was going to the Thaetre to a Flamenco’s performance (as you know Flamenco is World Heritage Site) were the students listened to our most typical music.

During the third activity, we finished this week with a party. Some of our P.E. teathers know how to dance some latin dance like son or salsa. They were trying to teach the students. This is the end of this week, and you know, …, smiles, some tears, music and dance