01 CESENA – ITALY (November 2016)

During our days in the beautiful Cesena, our students from Germany, Poland, France, Spain and Italy (of course) were having a really good time. They have learn a lot about lots of things such as culture, gastronomy, languages, and more, but the most important thing was the study of the old times of PILGRIMS/PLIGRIMAGE.

These days have been full of activities, like these ones:

  • The students from Cesena have made a book with information about the pilgrims, THE PILGRIM’S BOOK but this was not a normal book, it was huge!

These are some pictures taken from it:

  • Workshops with activities related to PILGRIMS/PLIGRIMAGE


  • We visited The Malatesta Library, which is one of most important libraries in the world, a knowledge center, because this was the first public library in Europe. The three first pictures are in the Library, and the fourth ones are taken in the reading room. It’s really beautiful, isn’t it?


  • But is not the only important place in Cesena, the cathedral, the main square, the city center (all made of stone), or the Town Hall are very interesting too


  • And what about going walking along a really really old path, until we get to a pilgrimage old church? We visited the  Abbazia di Santa María del Monte


  • One of the most important cities in Italy is  Bologna, not only famous for the gastronomy, but this has a monumental city center with lots of high towers, churches, and one of the most old and famous Medicine University. People from the whole world has come to Bologna to study here.
  • One of the most interesting activities was listening the stories told by some people who has  come to Italy from Africa. These stories were horrible, crossing the sea with little boats really crowded
  • The international volleybal team at the gimnasium
  • In the Theatre we enjoyed a lot with the Pilgrims performance. Really surprising! Singers, players, dancers, jokes, different languages, … ERASMUS REAL SPIRIT!
  • The last day at night, the students prepared a party, with musical groups, dances, players, readings, presents, and everybody mixed Italians, Spanish, Germans, Polish, French, students, parents and teachers. It was very very FUN!!