02 HILDESHEIM – GERMANY (March 2017)

Hello my friends again!

This are some of the activities we enjoyed in Hildesheim from 18th March 2017 to 24th March 2017

The students from Spain departured from Málaga’s airport to Berlin-Hidelheim. Using our LOGO for the project, we bought sweatshirts to difuss the project and to help the other students to learn their names.


During the students meetings and making activities:


Hildesheim is a very interesting place to be visited, for culture, History and beauty importance.




It’s always interesting to work together with teams created with students from different nationalities.


One of the most interesting place visited, was Wolfsburgo, where a important and famous car company works.


As «On the move» project is about Migrants, we had interviews with some experts and the students related the results of their own investigations.






Hannover is one of the most important cities in Germany, and we visited it with the students.


The last evening we use to enjoy a little party. So many days working together, create groups and friendship, of course.




Thanks to parents, families, students, schools and teachers!